Performances & Live Music

Max Zach (UK):
Transgender Artist from London (via New Zealand) playing ukulele.

Pox (N):
Punk band, consisting of four girls aged 21-26. Based in Oslo.

Da Word (D):

DaWord (Dub-Word) experimentalist. Freestyling with interactive segment, audience is asked to participate by shouting words out or writing them out on the boards provided, then the words are made into a cohesive story. Music style is a mix of trap/dub/jungle/old school hip hop/old school garage and on occasion live pieces with bass guitar and beatbox when playing together with PlayGrhymed.


Awry (D):
Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, appropriately angry Awry Pattern goes beyond the state of melancholy.

Naomi Runa & Farsans Döttrar (N):

Bossadelic Psychonova

Val Elvis and the Crew (N):

Elvis songs in a different way..

DJ Shishmish:

Hip Hop/Electro

”Revolt in Russia” by Foca (N):
A quiet tribute to Pussy Riot . Mixing russian folk tones with pieces of female underground music from soviet “age” and 1 year of images documenting the Pussy Riot case.

The performance is the encounter of reflections by Natasha ( russian musician ) and Cristiana (portuguese queer feminist activist; working with media activism for Pussy Riot among others causes.) who both have been following this case since its very beginning.

Ava (N):

Ava is an artist and songwriter from Norway. With roots in a visual singer/songwriter-tradition, she wraps her songs in contemporary clothes, and presents image upon image through her preformance. Trust her to take you through a whole range of points, dreams and angles of experiences during her show. Wether she's by the piano, or with her guitar: her ever present voice will pull you into her world.

DJ Ugly Grrlz:
Riot Girrl/Electro

Skorm (N):

Noise artist mixing music with vocals

Kimono Kops (D):

A homowave singer from Bremen, Germany. Synthy music with shy sexual content lyrics. Performing in a golden latex cape, singing live over musical backings.