Oslo Queer Festival 2012 - Day 2!

 Critical Mass goes Queer! (Photo: Nova Sullivan)

Critical Mass goes Queer! (Photo: Nova Sullivan)

Info Shop (Photo: Nova Sullivan)

Patches (Photo: Nova Sullivan)

 Free Shop (Photo: Nova Sullivan)

 Craft Corner (Photo: Nova Sullivan)

Open Mic (Photo: Kris Bue)

Open Mic (Photo: Kris Bue)

Open Mic (Photo: Kris Bue)

Open Mic (Photo: El Häkkinen)

Open Mic (Photo: El Häkkinen)

 V for Vagina (Photo: El Häkkinen)

 V for Vagina (Photo: Ane PMA)

Oslo Queer Festival 2012 - Day 1!

"Look the heterosexistic world i going to pieces" (Photo: El Häkkinen)

The Venue: Blitz (Photo: El Häkkinen)

The anniversary poster (Photo: El Häkkinen)

Info Shop (Photo: Kris Bue)

(Photo: Kris Bue)

Pocket program (Photo: Kris Bue) 

Pocket Programs (Photo: Ane PMA)

Vegan café (Photo: Kris Bue)

  Vegan café (Photo: Nova Sullivan)

 Vegan café (Photo: Nova Sullivan)
Queer Library with books and fanzines
(Photo: Kris Bue)

(Photo: Kris Bue)

"Elements from my life trough a journal" by Marianne Knutsen
(Photo: Kris Bue)

"Peeing Friendship" by Marianne Knutsen
(Photo: Kris Bue)

Performance: "Things you shouldn't need to be told to do"
(Photo: Ane PMA)

Femme Brutal presents: Etzia
(Photo: Nova Sullivan)

Femme Brutal presents: Etzia
(Photo: El Häkkinen)

Etzia (Photo: Ane PMA)

Alcohol free day: Queer and not (always) tanked...

Oslo Queer likes to think different and challenge all kind of norms which is often taken for granted in our society, both outside and within our own community. The queer community is very often all about alcohol and getting drunk. That's why Friday is our party without drinking day, entirely dedicated to create awareness and discuss on how we can have fun without getting tanked.

On Friday we will hold a workshop on how to party without having to get  always pissed, and discuss the equivalence between alcol and having fun. You don't agree? Join us on Friday and we'll show you how we queer our partying culture!

There will also be a childrens corner, drawing material and a queer babysitter! So bring your children and join our queer alcohol free space!

Femme Brutal presents: Etzia



The Open Mic Session at the Oslo Queer Festival will be a combination of music and text reading (but also performance art, poetry, drama, you decide!) where the public and festival participants will have the possibility of expressing themselves for a few minutes. You decide whether to sing a song, read a piece of text or recite a short poem. Common theme for the sessions of course is queer expression!


The OMS will open at 8.00 p.m. (so be on time) and also the public will have a chance to come on stage and speak up (under the benevolent moderation of Tiwaz). In a relaxed atmosphere, each individual short performance will alternate with music. This is the ideal opportunity to feel how much others like your work and share with us your inner queer side.


PS: Since time is limited to two hours, performances should not exceed a few minutes. In order to simplify the logistics of the OMS, you are welcome to contact us with your proposal or idea beforehand. In addition to the microphone, a projector will be available, but if you wish to make use of it, you need to inform us in advance: macc1979@gmail.com

Adopt a Queer!

Do you have an extra couch/bed/matress/floor to spare for one or more queers during the Oslo Queer Festival 2012, 30th of August - 2nd September? Or do you need a place to stay during the festival?

We need help housing artists and other participants who do not live in Oslo. Thursday to Sunday, one or more nights!

Send an email to oslo.queer@gmail.com with your name, adresse phone nr and number of queers you can host. We need as many couches as we can get!

- DO YOU NEED A PLACE TO STAY? Send an email to oslo.queer@gmail.com and tell me how many you are, which days and special needs. Everyone will get a place to sleep, if you don´t hear from us just come to the festival and we´ll find you a place then :)

Want to volunteer at the festival?

Oslo Queer Festival is a DIY festival, so we all volunteer and we all make the festival together!
But we need your help in making food, run the cafe, be in the infoshop, at the door, be social or be runners. Everyone can volunteer!
How to volunteer?
Come to our planning meetings every morning at the festival at 11 to organize the day, sign up for a shift or two on the shift list in the infoshop by the cafe, or send a mail to: oslo.queer@gmail.com

Confirmed workshops!

Bondage workshop

Queer perspectives in politics

Queer Theory 101

Gender Bender


Polyamory workshop I (basic)

 Polyamory workshop II (agreements and trust)

D.I.Y. Harness
 More information about the workshops here !