Soli Weekend for Queer Festivals in Berlin!

Call for DJ_anes, performers and contributer in any way!

For the SoliWeekend in Berlin that supports the Queer Festival Copenhaguen and the Queer Festival Oslo.
The SoliWeekend will take place from the 14th until the 16th June in Lovelite, XB-Liebig and Antje Öklesund and is organized by the Queer-O-Matik.
If you want to support us write an email to soliberlin.oslo.cph@google until the 30th of may.

helping hands please here:

Queer-O-Matik is a leftwing radical queer DIY party collective, that organize parties in XB Liebig and sometimes other venues. Working as a collective means that we decide together by consent principle what is going to happen and take responsibility all together. We try our best to create an including and safe space, where queer doesn’t only mean to question gender binarities but includes the active fight against inequalities of power and structural discrimination, which do not stop on the dancefloor. We try to make it at least financially possible for everybody to come by taking soli entry and very low prices for drinks and Vokü. We do not tolerate discriminating, sexist, racist or boarder crossing behavior in general at our parties and want to encourage every person to be aware, caring and tell the bar, if s_he witnesses any of that.

SO, that’s who we are or rather what we believe in! As in many left wing projects, the people working there do not have limitless capacities, because of work in other political backrounds or work to have a living or study or what so ever, so if you want to support the coming SoliWeekend write an email to the following soliberlin.oslo.cph@google

We love to have the first person in the night to be as proudly unprofessional as we are all over the night! You never DJed but your favorite song is never played? Drop us a line and Do It Yourself! We love to have You already DJ and want to contribute in a soliparty and maybe try some new stuff?
We are looking for Dj anes for the next qom (from 14th until 16th ). If you are interested write an email to soliberlin.oslo.cph@google until Tuesday the 22th of May.

You work on topics like homophobia, trans*phobia, classism, lookism or the generell genderfuck of every day life? Need a stage for all your love_anger for the world? Want to read a poem or sell your zines?hmmm...where to write to?AGAIN: soliberlin.oslo.cph@google

your qom collective,

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