Open Mic: Friday 23. September at 8pm!

Open Mic Session (OMS) with Tiwaz and YOU: Ever desired to share your inner queer side?

The Open Mic Session at the Oslo Queer festival will be a combination of music and text reading (but also performance art, poetry, drama, you decide!) where the public and festival participants will have the possibility of expressing themselves for a few minutes. You decide whether to sing a song, read a piece of text or recite a short poem. Common theme for the sessions of course is queer expression! 

The OMS will open at 8.00 p.m. (so be on time) and also the public will have a chance to come on stage and speak up (under the benevolent moderation of Tiwaz). In a relaxed atmosphere, each individual short performance will alternate with music. This is the ideal opportunity to feel how much others like your work and share with us your inner queer side.

PS: Since time is limited to two hours, performances should not exceed a few minutes. In order to simplify the logistics of the OMS, you are welcome to contact us with your proposal or idea beforehand. In addition to the microphone, a projector will be available, but if you wish to make use of it, you need to inform us in advance.

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